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Digital Life inside :)

Posted by admin On May - 4 - 2011

In our time employment picture is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. With each passing day more and more people are buying a camera. This creativity or fashion? That is the question. People’s opinion was divided in half. Some believe that a photographer be easy, just buying a camera. And some are beginning to do it for the love of photography. But the fact remains. Now every second person has a digital SLR camera.

Personally, I think it’s all the influence of fashion. Our people are influenced by fashion, even very strong. I started photography 4 years ago. It all started when I got into the studio. I started working with a film camera, showed the film, print photos. Then I bought a camera. That’s how I started my life as a photographer…

Photography seems to be getting more popular, especially with the use of Digital SLR’s. They are much better quality than film cameras and have the advantage of being able to see what you have taken instantly, plus you can delete unwanted images. Many mobile phone companies, including, have installed small cameras in to their mobile phones, which makes it more convenient to take a quick picture. It is also possible to transfer your photos on to the computer and edit them to create unique and abstract photos.